• Ventures

    LaCora & Company Inc.


    Apparel, Consulting, Scheduling, Planning Events & More.

    For All GOD-geous Women.


    Spiritually Healthy & Fit For LIFE

    Creating a Spiritually Healthy and Fit Life Faithfully for All for LIFE!


    Family Over Everything


    Being with and there for each other No matter what. Living, Loyal, and Standing together.


    Luxuriously By LaCora & Company, Inc.

    The Design Stylist that creates the look(s) for "YOU".

    WE; are there for the Person, Place, or Thing. To make the Change Luxuriously.


    Fruit Creations Created By

    LaCora & Company Inc.

    Fruit Creations created for your one of a kind Events.

    No two creations are ever the same.